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The Extra Virgin and Tasting


If you want to buy extra virgin olive oil should know that of the mill three oil leaving untouched:

Extra Virgin. The extra virgin olive oil is the highest quality with impeccable taste and odor. For an oil to be classified as extra virgin must pass two tests. For one laboratory is found that a number of parameters are correct, the most famous is the acidity, which in extra virgin olive oil should be less than 0.8% and a percentage indicating the number of free fatty acids expressed oleic acid. The other control is organoleptic tasting panel should classify the oil as extra virgin olive, for which the oil should be between all panel tasters a median of zero defect, and a median positive fruity.

Virgin. A high quality virgin olive oil may have an acidity of up to 2%, in the case of the taste, may have a defect median between zero and three and a half, whereas the fruity must be positive.

Lampante. With serious defects in the smell and taste, or defective chemical characteristics, lampante virgin oil can be devoted to consumption directly. It is used for refining, after the refining process, in which the oil is subjected to a process of phosphoric acid degumming, neutralization and bleaching and deodorization soda is obtained refined olive oil, which is not fit for consumption, is basically a clear oil without smell or taste, which is the main ingredient, between 80 and 90% olive oil that we all know, along with the remaining percentage, between 10 and 20% virgin olive oil . As a curiosity that his name lampant comes from its use, as in ancient times, the worst oil obtained was used for burning in lamps lighting.


The taste of virgin olive oil sensory analysis is used to determine the quality. Determine the attributes of an oil is the end we seek.
Positive attributes:
. Fruity Set of olfactory sensations characteristic of the oil depends on the variety of olives, from healthy fresh fruit, green or ripe and collected by direct route or finish.
. Bitter taste of oil from green olives or olives turning color.
. Spicy Biting tactile sensation characteristic of oils produced at the beginning of the season mainly from olives that are still green.
Negative attributes:
. Fusty / Borras Characteristic flavor of oil from olives that have undergone a process of anaerobic fermentation.
. Mold / Moisture Characteristic flavor of oil from olives in which fungi and yeasts have developed due to moisture.
. Winey / vinegary Characteristic flavor of certain oils reminiscent of wine or vinegar. It is mainly due to the aerobic fermentation.
. Rancid Flavor of oils which have undergone intense oxidative process.
. Cooked / Burnt Characteristic flavor of oils caused by excessive and / or prolonged heating during the thermal mass shake.
. Hay / Wood Characteristic flavor of certain oils from dry olives.
The tasting methodology is simple, although ongoing experience that makes mastering this discipline is achieved. The sample shown is in the tasting glasses, placed there by the panel leader, the brand with no recognizable code, no names or marks, to avoid influencing the tasters. We must face the sample without strong odors or perfumes and sufficient time between meals. In a tasting sheet on a line marked both positive and negative attributes. The panel head is responsible for collecting and analyzing the results, and calculate medians of different attributes to describe the oil in the appropriate category. As trick for beginners must say that extra virgin olive oil is a natural juice therefore should know and smell fresh olives without flavors or odors, just fruit.
Finally comment that the blog will try to deepen the process of tasting. If you are ready to prepare a group of people for a tasting (cooking clubs, municipal activities, etc.) Could participate in its organization.



In FUENTEOLIVA OILS strongly believe in the benefits of our extra virgin olive oil. To teach to value education and information on everything related to the world of oil is critical. In order to disclose everything related to the extra virgin olive oil, their preparation and properties, valuing various types of oils, positive and negative attributes in oils, tricks and secrets to taste a extra virgin oil benefits our health and much more, we decided to organize tasting sessions for those you want to attend.

Nobody gets taster in a morning, but we can implement in you bug tasting oils and resolve many common questions. We would start with a small discussion which prevail especially your questions and we will try to explain about all the concepts of extra virgin olive oil, that you may distinguish it from other categories of oil, their production, well above follow the process that follows our olive oil from their table and their properties, as varied as cholesterol reduction and the fight against aging.

Then we would proceed to open tasting of different varieties and origins oils far between, with defined patterns of positive and negative attributes in the oil, easily distinguishable, who have recourse, explaining the tasting procedures and process. To finish tasting extra virgin olive oil by regularized system IOOC.

If you are part of a group interested in this activity, do not hesitate to contact us through our website fuenteoliva.com, Facebook or in your phone 957638070